"Protects " "Explains" "Makes Convenient to Use" and "Conveys the Sincerity" of products. This is the basic function of packing. Function-centered packing has been evolving with the development of civilization and has built the modern packing culture. It is growing, by repeatedly changing in various ways along with the eras and meeting the demands of particular eras. And now, with the sweeping trend in society to protect the global environment that is invaluable to humanity, we will continue to pursue and create packing that is more gentle and hospitable towards people and nature.


Cardboard boxes / Paperware products

Individual packaging boxes,
Assembly packaging Inner packaging components, etc.

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Cushioning material / Pallets

Cushioning material,
Components for transportation Molded items, etc.

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Other products

Aluminum boxes / Bags / Cans
Special sticker boxes

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What's New

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